This area offers great sightseeing; for example you could go see:

Living history at Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum
Explore living history at Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum. There’s plenty of stuff to explore for all shapes and sizes in the museum’s 14 sights and their surroundings.

1. Pumpestation Nord
From the pumping station’s roof, there’s a wide view of the meadows Skjern Enge and Skjern Å river’s natural area. If you turn around and face north, you will see a landscape of farmlands with a network of drainage channels.

2. Stauning Whisky
Stauning Whisky is the only Danish whisky production that uses Danish barley and rye, which they malt on their own; they also use copper pot stills for distillation. Stauning Whisky uses no shortcuts or compromises on their road to their final product.

3. Danmarks Flymuseum
in Stauning is a 7600 m2 large, modern, and busy aircraft museum with 50 Danish and international aircrafts from 1911 to the year 2000; here, there are hang gliders, vintage airplanes, fighter planes, and helicopters.

4. Wowpark
Experience the forest from above in this different kind of playground at treetop level, where kids of all ages are challenged according to their age and ability and where magic and exercise meld. This park is packed with fun activities and a beautiful old farm houses the indoor activities, the café, the packed lunch area, and the restrooms.

5. Momhøje Naturcenter
Momhøje Naturcenter offers nature and outdoor activities for all shapes and sizes. Momhøje is 80 hectares or 120 soccer fields big. Part of its area is a former lignite mining area which has created a unique and varied terrain which is perfect for all kinds of outdoor fun. There are also forest, heath and marshlands here.

6. Hjemstavnshus Arnborg
Hjemstavnshuset is beautifully situated at the old church Arnborg Kirke on the slopes of the stream Rind Å. The house was built in 1890 and, for a short period, it was a grocery because back then its location was ideal to the area’s residents.

7. Landart
Landarten in the Skjern Å area is part of the project ‘The Experience Economy in the National Park – from Theory to Practice’, which has been planned by the Ringkøbing-Skjern municipal government in cooperation with the municipal government in Herning. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Region Midtjylland and The Danish Arts Foundation.

• Laksen (‘The Salmon’); a monumental sculpture at Skarrildhus by Jørn Rønnau

• De 4 Hjertekamre (‘The Four Chambers of the Heart’); decoration at Præsteskoven in Sdr. Felding by Marianne Jørgensen

• Prædikestol med højt til loftet (‘A Pulpit with Room for Your Own Ideas’); Sculpture next to the bridge Kong Hans Bro by Bjørn Kromann Andersen

• Det hemmelige land (‘The Secret Land’); Enviroment in the marsh Bjørnemosen at Bundsbæk by Alfio Bonanno

8. Skovsnogen
Skovsnogen Artspace is a place where you can explore the outdoors in a West Jutland forest, where the traditional meeting between art and its audience is turned upside down and where current art is communicated in a surprising way to kids and adults. Skovsnogen Artspace is always open, always free, and you are always welcome.

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