Sailing the Skjern Å River

Plenty of fun adventures await the whole family at Skjern Å; nature is the key player when you explore this river from a canoe or kayak.

Skjern Å is almost 100 km long. This river flows from Tinnet Krat, near the city of Vejle, and empties into Ringkøbing Fjord.

You can sail Skjern Å by beginning at the west side of the lake Rørbæk Sø and sailing to its outfall with a canoe, a kayak, or a rowing boat.

The Skjern Å area is great for sailing canoes or kayaks. However, you should always be considerate of the local area and its flora and fauna. Dogs are not allowed. Sailing north of the Borriskrog bridge (GPS 55.955757, 8.666445) requires a registration marker, which you can buy at Skjern Kanofart +45 75736001 (where you can also rent canoes) or at the campsite Brande Camping +45 9718 1049. Sailing is allowed north of the bridge from 16th June to 30th September from 8am to 6pm. Sailing south of Borriskrog bridge (GPS 55.955757, 8.666445) requires no registration marker. You can sail this part of the river from 16th June to 28th February from 7am to the sun sets, but no later than 8pm.

Further Info

Sailing Regulations
To show consideration for the local area and its flora and fauna means that you do not tie canoes together; that you keep your distance; that you don’t sail into riverbanks or fishing nets and traps; that you are not noisy; that you don’t litter; and that you only light a fire in the designated campfire sites. Dogs are not allowed.

Download the pamphlet ‘Sejlads på Skjern Å’ (‘Sailing the Skjern Å River’) which offers a detailed description of canoeing regulations in all stretches of Skjern Å. This pamphlet includes maps of the entire river from the lake Rørbæk Sø, showing where you will find resting and camping grounds.  

The pamphlet ‘Sikkerhed i kano og havkajak’ (‘Safety when Sailing Canoes and Sea Kayaks’) is an educational pamphlet which instructs you on how to sail canoes and sea kayaks.

You Can Rent Canoes at
Aaskov Kanofart, Hovedgaden 17, Skarrild 6933 Kibæk. Phone: +45 2258 9104

Skjern Å Kanofart, Vester Møllevej 7, 7323 Give. Phone: +45 7573 6001