Experience the Skjern Å river

There are amazing experiences awaiting you in the Skjern River basin. You can enjoy them on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and from a canoe. Skjern River is Denmark’s largest waterway and the river valley is a unique area of natural beauty. Its breathtaking landscapes, heaths and moors are home to a number of internationally important species of flora and fauna, many of which are rare and in danger of becoming extinct. The Skjern Meadows are green grassy areas along the river banks. They are grazed during the summer and function as a natural water filter.

Bird life here is outstanding. The meadows are a popular resting place and winter habitat for aquatic birds. There is excellent fishing in Skjern River. The famous Skjern River salmon has inhabited the river since the last Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago. This fish often weighs more than 20 kilograms!

There are two towns in the area, Skjern and Tarm. Both are busy retail centres with good hotels and cosy restaurants.

1. The River Delta and Ringkøbing Fjord
2. Pumping Station North
3. Pumping Station South East
4. Pumping Station East
5. Stauning
6. Nature Centre Skjern Meadows
7. Lønborg Banke, Lønborg Church and the Royal House Lønborggaard
8. King Hans’ Bridge
9. Bundsbæk Nature Park
10. Nature Centre Skjern Å
11. Borris Heath and Borris Target Range
12. The Heath Troldhede
13. Hoven
14. Sdr. Felding
15. Skarrild
16. Hotel Skarrildhus
17. The Tar Ovens
18. The Old Town of Arnborg