The Skjern Å Salmon is something else. Just a few decades ago, it was almost extinct because, in the 1960s, the Skjern Å river was straightened into channels so that the local farmers would be able to farm the land leading down to the river. Straightening Skjern Å made life difficult for the salmon here, but local anglers, nature enthusiasts, and politicians noticed this problem and took action to save the salmon just in time. Today, the Skjern Å river once again winds its way through the rough landscape in West Jutland and Skjern Å is now Denmark’s finest salmon waters; and they keep improving year after year.

Skjern Å is one of the only waters in Europe where you can catch salmon in April. Spring fishing here is one-of-a-kind because the average size of salmon here is about 8-10 kg or 18-22 lbs. This is the season when the biggest salmon are caught; the largest salmon caught at this time of year weighed in at about 44 lbs. Of course, it’s not every day that an angler catches a 44 pound fish, but fish of over 22 lbs are normal in the spring. Another unique element to fishing here is that it is possible to catch fresh anadromous fish until the end of September. Shiny fish of 5-8 kg or 11-18 lbs are often seen and more bright coloured fish of over 10 kg or 22 lbs in the autumn are not uncommon. Skjern Å is the only river in Europe which offers such high quality fish this late in the season.

This river will fulfil the dreams of even the pickiest angler. In the top stretches of Skjern Å, the river is narrow with deep holes, fast flowing waters, rapids, and hairpin bends; these elements challenge even experienced anglers. On the other hand, the lower parts of this river become very wide. Here, you have your work cut out for you, finding every little eddy, which is where the salmon hide. You shouldn’t overlook the spots where Skjern Å is fed by the streams Vorgod Å and Omme Å. These are no bigger than Lille Ørred Å (‘Little Trout Stream’), but you can find salmon that have regular feeding and resting spots here.

The most common method of fishing in Skjern Å is fly fishing with a two handed rod. Two handed rods are the best choice in most parts of the river because the wind is often a factor to be considered here. There aren’t many trees to provide lee of the wind in the lower parts of the river and it can therefore prove difficult to cast here. In the spring, a heavier fishing rod with a sink tip line is the most popular choice; but in the summer and autumn, you can use a lighter rod as well as a lighter line.

Sea trout are regulars to the Skjern Å river and they have been here as long as the Skjern Å salmon has. Sadly, the trout population isn’t as big as the salmon population, however, in 2014, over 500 trout were reported and the biggest one weighed over 8.5 kg or 19 lbs. The average weight of the sea trout here is about 2.5 kg or 1.3 lbs, which definitely makes them good by-catch.

Salmon fishing is great here; you should be aware that every catch demands a lot of hours with your fishing rod ready, but that’s what makes salmon fishing here so exciting and prestigious; because every catch is a product of willpower and dedication – no one ever forgets the salmon they caught in Skjern Å.

This area offers more than large silvery fish; vicious pikes patrol the river and the fjords here. The lower part of Skjern Å is a mecca for large pikes. Here, the pikes are able to hide in the reeds and wait for roaches, breams, and perches to swim by and provide them with a hearty meal. The large channels which run into Skjern Å have a reputation for harbouring huge pikes which you can catch all year. If you have a pair of waders, pikes are easy to approach and it won’t take more than a small walk to get to them.

Both Ringkøbing Fjord and Stadil Fjord offer almost undiscovered pike fishing. Very few anglers fish for pike here and that’s a shame because the potential for catching a large pike in these fjords is huge. But you must take your time to sniff out these fish; these fjords are very big and hard to traverse, but if you have a boat, a belly boat, or a pair of waders and some determination there’s definitely a way.

YearNumber of Salmon CaughtThe Largest Salmon
2014108415,0 kg
201393717,8 kg
2012121520,4 kg
2011126418,0 kg
2010114919,0 kg

Further Info

Fishing in the Skjern Å River
The fishing season in Skjern Å starts 16th April and ends 15th October. There’s a limit to how many fish you are allowed to catch. Read more about fishing in Skjern Å here.

Fishing Regulations
All salmon and sea trout fishing must be registered with a registration envelope or online at no later than four days after you caught your fish.

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