Bikerides into Nature

The meadows Skjern Enge are a paradise for kids and adults.

There are plenty of routes to travel into this huge natural area via the established bike paths.

This area is part of the 110 km or 68 mi cycling tour ’Around Ringkøbing Fjord’. Ringkøbing Fjord, where there are plenty of exciting places to go and adventures to be had, is one of Denmark’s most beautiful natural areas: this includes Skjern Enge and the river Skjern Å, with their bird watching towers and cable ferries, Lønborg Church at Borgbanken, Lønborggård – an old episcopal residence, and Bork Harbour, as well as Bork Viking Harbour. Further into the meadows, you will find Værneengene and Tipperne, which are some of the most wonderful and peculiar natural areas in Denmark.

Further info

Bicycle Rentals
Bike Fun Tours, Lodbergsvej 159, 6950 Ringkøbing, Phone: +45 60 51 00 01.

Skjern Å Camping, Birkvej 37, 6900 Skjern, Phone: +45 97 35 08 61.

Skaven Strand Camping, Skavenvej 32, Vostrup, Tarm. Phone: +45 97 37 40 69.

Bork Havn Feriehusudlejning, Kirkehøjvej 17, Bork Havn. Phone: +45 75 28 03 44.

Bicycle Hotspot
Karolines gård, Stauningvej 5, 6900 Skjern, Phone: +45 23 32 93 61.

Links for cycling tours and path systems
You can get cycling maps at the local tourist office or at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation –

Link to the Danish Ministry of the Environment’s Guide ’Skjern Å-dal’

Link to cycling paths, horsebackriding paths, and desire paths; shown on maps each with their own unique symbols
Skjern Å Guiden

Link to Vestkyst Ruten

App – Around the Fjord