Camping Grounds and Shelters

Primitive camping grounds can be found at the six locations below:

1. At Pumpestation Nord, which you can find on the northern side of the mouth of the Skjern Ås river; accessible from the road Langkærvej. Facilities: a campfire and a restroom by the parking lot. No water. You cannot spend more than two nights here.

2. At the mill Bundsbæk Mølle’s shelter site; accessible from the road Bundsbækvej. Facilities: three shelters, a composting toilet, and a campfire. Water can be collected from the outdoor faucet at the address Bundsbækbvej 25.

3. In the heath Borris Hede; accessible via the gravelled road south east of the town of Borris, in the direction of Borriskrog. Facilities: restroom and a campfire. No water. You cannot spend more than two nights here.

4. At the school Vestjyllands Erhvervsskole, Vestergade 42, Borris; you gain access by contacting the school. Facilities: three shelters, tables and benches, and a campfire. Located south of the school by a lake and a path system. Phone: +45 89 93 40 50.

5. At Skarrild, where the river Skjern Å and the road Sdr. Ommevej cross. Facilities: shelter, tables and benches, restroom, and a covered campfire. This camping ground belongs to the canoe letter Aaskov Kanofart and is reserved for canoers, but a few hikers and bicyclist are allowed to use this site for free.

6. At Momhøje Naturcenter: 9 shelters, of which 8 of them can be reserved in advance. Facilities: campfire, access to water and a restroom. You can book these shelters at Ringkøbing Skjern Kommune through their website


In this municipality there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. People who want to spend the night outdoors can use this area’s many camping grounds and shelters.

Among others, there is a network of shelters around Ringkøbing Fjord and the Stadil fjords.

Below are links to the camping grounds and shelters and a link for booking a shelter in advance: