Cable Ferries

The meadows Skjern Enge make a fantastic natural area which is easily accessible; also for wheelchair users. Here, there are path systems, cable ferries, suspension bridges, fishing spots for the handicapped, and bird watching towers where you can observe the many birds in the area.

In Skjern Enge, there are two cable pulled ferries where you, with the help of a rope, can pull yourself from the banks of Skjern Å to the island of Kalvholm where livestock and wild horses graze in the summer time. There are two cable ferries here because in this location the river splits into two streams that flow around the small island Kalvholm, which you can easily cross via a fenced path. You can bring your bike on board the cable ferries and continue your bicycle trip on the other side.

About three km west of Pumping Station North, the river Skjern Å branches into four streams and continues into Ringkøbing Fjord, thereby forming Denmark’s only river delta. You can reach this area on foot or on your bicycle and you can see the river’s northern outfall from the gazebo here.

King Hans’ Bridge near Skjern is another way of crossing the river Skjern Å. The story goes that King Hans, who was the king of Denmark from 1481 to 1513, was on his way to Aalborg in early 1513 when his horse fell right where you cross Skjern Å. The king and his entourage continued to Aalborg but king Hans became weaker and weaker and eventually died from what was probably pneumonia resulting from the fall into the icy water.