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You are in for some fantastic adventures and great outdoor activities for the whole family at the Skjern Å river area. You can explore this area on foot, bicycle, or even on horseback, and you can go canoeing or kayaking in most of this river delta, which flows into Ringkøbing Fjord.

In regards to water quantity, the Skjern Å river is Denmark’s largest and nature in the Skjern Å valley is utterly unique and makes a breath taking landscape. Together with the surrounding heaths and marshes, the Skjern Å river valley is the habitat for a multitude of plants and wildlife of international importance since several of these species are rare and endangered. The area Skjern Enge, which consists of a series of green grasslands that surround river, is de-grazed during the summer months and works like nature’s own waste treatment plant; you’ll find a one of a kind birdlife in these meadows which have become the preferred resting and wintering place for waterfowls.

For anglers, there’s plenty of chances to catch the big prize in the Skjern Å river, which is Denmark’s best salmon fishing area. The famous ’Skjern Å Salmon’ has lived in this river since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. This salmon is known for its size; it weighs up 20+ kilograms or 40+ pounds!

In general, this area offers excellent fishing of several species of fish in lakes and rivers, and in the fjord and the sea.

The towns Skjern and Tarm are located centrally in this area and they both offer great shopping, comfy hotels, and cosy restaurants. The other towns and villages, which are placed like pearls on a string along Skjern Å, are definitely worth a visit as well; here you’ll get a chance to do some shopping, spend the night , see the sights, and experience the local color.

On this site you will find the information you need about the opportunitites for adventure here as well as detailed descriptions and the intriguing story about the Skjern Å river and Skjern Enge, which make one of the most important pieces of nature in Europe.

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